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Published on December 29, 2005

Dear Sir,
Your last communication has left me unsettled.
“And how do you think my naughty girl should be made to display her red, sore cheeks afterwards? Tell me the most shameful, immodest and revealing pose you dread.”
While inevitably the variations of exposure and display truly engage me, I am hitting a wall hard here. Can cornertime […]

Experience Slut - Every dogma has it’s day

Published on December 27, 2005

My affinity with curiosity took a body blow of late. I’ve always been someone who endeavours to live their own truth. It’s no good just explaining to me how something tastes for example, I need to savour it for myself. I may like something you don’t, invariably that is the case. And while this doesn’t […]

Christmas Blessings

Published on December 23, 2005

May I wish each and every one of my dear readers a Merry Christmas.
Thankyou for your continued kind and insightful words, dirty and devious thoughts and gentle gestures of friendship. It means a lot to me.
The following words are really quite beautiful. Please don’t let the title ‘Lord’s Prayer’ put you off, for this […]

The Violence of Love - The Pleasure of Pain

Published on December 13, 2005

In a recent television interview Criss Angel stated quite simply that:
“Pain is Beautiful”.
He knows well the contours of psychological mastery for they are an essential aspect of his art. For me, they are an essential element of my pleasure. Physical pain is pure sensation and within the sexual sphere is spun into a […]

Feast of Love

Published on December 11, 2005

Today is my birthday and according to Western Mystery Tradition, is the Feast of Love. So as the sun moves northward, I reflect on the changes another year brings. I’m aware that birthdays are uncomfortable for many people as they age but I tend to see them as one more threshold. A point of reflection, […]

Mermaids of the Earth

Published on December 6, 2005

I had a truly divine experience on Sunday and I wanted to share the wisdom derived for it’s a charming gem, and something soft to savour.
Every soul on this sweet planet needs a sanctuary, a place that offers a warm and comfortable bed for the night and a table where a hot meal of home […]

Weird and Wonderful

Published on December 1, 2005

“Your lifestyle is an anathema to me”
Aside from the fact that I consider such general and judgemental statements rude, I have to admit to once again being confused by people’s reactions to me. My usual response is to shrug it off, genuinely I don’t much care for what other people think. But at the […]