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Genital Grace

Published on January 31, 2006

My pussy has drawn a picture for you. It’s her first ever attempt at twart* so be gentle in your comments. It’s a self portrait, reflecting her calm, quiet mood. Last night, I indulged in devilishy prolonged mutual masturbation, and only when my swollen sensitivity could bear no more, did I yield to the fierce […]

Indecent Exposure?

Published on January 24, 2006

As a child, I had a peculiar habit of lifting my skirt in public. Don’t ask me why I engaged in such indecent behaviour, I have no real answer. I’m not even sure I can claim I did it because it felt good, I just did it. As I grew older this peccadillo matured into […]

The Hoarse Whisperer

Published on January 22, 2006

Self-pleasure has always been a very important and natural part of my life. I’ve written before on the innocence of virgin orgasms, of those sexually inquisitive moments when I explored my body purely for the sweet sensations and pleasure it gave me. Masturbation was essentially a private act until my early twenties, when I met […]

Come away with me in the Night?

Published on January 18, 2006

“Do you have a valid passport?”
“I’m going to take you away, somewhere we can start again, away from all this shit. Aquitaine, let’s go to Aquitaine”
We didn’t of course.
I kicked this foolish idea into touch because I know you can’t run away from yourself but make no mistake, I was tempted. Simply leave…God how […]

My Karma ran over your Dogma

Published on January 16, 2006

Kochanie, my blessings to you, sleep indeed was the true and only healer. My ravaged brain is once more a velvet ocean.
This post is dedicated to Always Aroused Girl, whose changed profile suggests she has also recovered from the sexual wilderness.
“If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it […]

Sodomites in Room 101

Published on January 14, 2006

This story is for someone very special. He will understand the references and the bliss of climaxing in my ass in a strange bedroom. Thanks for being my friend, this one’s for you.
Don’t let the fire go out.
Please let me come to you.
Let’s take a hotel room, which we can make ours.
Give me twenty-four hours […]

Trading agony for ecstasy

Published on January 13, 2006

This morning I woke with the heavy remnants of last nights headache. A dull pain born from tension, both muscular and sexual. As my sacred obscene picture betrays, I was aroused when I took the photo. I didn’t climax, opting instead to go to bed burning. Nor did I come the day after and so […]

The Sacred Obscene

Published on January 11, 2006

Ella habla por en medio en las piernas
‘She speaks from between her legs.’
When Aragorn proposed pussy posting as an act of devotion, it was with some uncertainty as to how people may respond. While musing on the feelings Aragorn’s invitation provoked, I found myself in the heartlands of the dirty Goddess.
Everyday women, women like […]

Today…the author is shining

Published on

I woke to bright, beaming sunshine this morning. Floods of yellow light caressed the dark corners of the room with the promise of springtime. Flicking the coffee filter to life, I settle before my computer and learn something that snaps me into full waking consciousness faster than my strong Italian blend ever has. For the […]


Published on January 8, 2006

“What are you up to my darling? Not perchance at a loose end this evening?”
It’s bone cold here, so cold that nothing really seems to warm me deeply enough for long enough. The invitation is extended by my lovely young man but I doubt he could stimulate sufficient passion to gift me with an outrageous […]