The signs and signatures of demons

I’ve been waiting for you.
Two things are certain about violators such as yourself. The first is that they return to the scene of their crime. The second is that they take something, a momento of the act. You are an amatuer and not so unusual in this regard.

The geometry of cyberspace maintains the integrity of the circle and familiarity minimized risk in your eyes but that very history makes you vulnerable. In sum, my dear, your mental map is as visible as your clumsy trail of destruction.

“Every contact leaves a trace”
Did you smile as you read that? But Locard was right and this principle became the foundation of all forensic sciences - physical and psychological. Your shadows are fingerprints.

There are emotional traces in your own system. Do you still have that rush of adrenalin? That slick power coursing through your veins, exciting the potentials of your neurons till they fire your feelings with venom. It’s your mind that interprets this physiological state and excitement is the flipside of fear. You don’t consciously choose, just as you don’t consciously fall asleep each night. It just happens with ease; you sink into darkness, into the blackness of unconsciousness. Here you are most vulnerable. Your locus of control is diminished and then denied.

Each night I shall drag my fingers through your blankness, restitution adds a fillip to love and hate.

We are connected - you and I.

I now possess something that belongs to you.

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