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To catch a thief

Published on Wednesday, September 27th, 2006

Have you ever thought to yourself,

‘I wonder why people do the things they do?’

Sometimes we simply cannot fathom the reasons behind anothers actions, yet at other times, as mysterious as they may seem, there are signs if you look and listen carefully.

Most people who come to this site are respectful. They read, a few comment, and others elect to write to me privately. I’ve come to know you well, and ultimately because of this, the bond between us is close and strong.

My writing is a gift, given freely and I know it has been appreciated. For some, it has taken them deeper and for these sweet souls I have engaged in lengthy, off-the-page correspondence and where appropriate, counselling. Knowing this, people trust me.

Very occasionally a line is crossed.

Have you ever felt violated?
Would you be surprised if I told you that is how I feel now.

Some of you are aware this site was hacked again a few days ago and this is just the tip of the iceberg. First off, I have a script kiddie holed up like a truculent teenager and they have been abusing the place. For example, if you visit technorati you’ll see that my feed is currently hijacked by a business site. Take a look. Hardly elegant eh?

To cut short my long story I’m going to desist and extricate myself. Many hackers have a change of heart when they realise it is just not worth it; this is especially true here.

The virtual world holds many dangers, not the least the confusion as to what the legs are for. Too much sitting before the big glass tit, one-touch yet ironically no touching leads to a degeneration of the heart in all senses. People become hits, stats, consumers but not a real person, not someone with feelings and a world behind the words. Having created a generation without discipline and respect for boundaries, are we to add the loss of love to that sad list?

Passion is tangible.
Peace is priceless beyond measure.