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Would you kiss or lick me better?

Published on November 27, 2005

I just knew my luck had been stretched too long. One of the difficulties with being as clumsy as I am is that you can cease to be unintentionally inventive. Not so today.
Running slightly late for a dance workshop, I slip my walking boots on, shunning time taken to fasten the laces and fly downstairs. […]

Love, Trust, Depth

Published on November 26, 2005

Dear Lover
I long to be claimed, to be surrendered, taken.
I need to be heard.
Please sit on a chair and let me kneel before you
stroke my face, allow me to softly kiss your fingers, your thighs
let me take your cock in my mouth
so that I may make you hard and myself moist
gently let me break from […]

The Enlightenment of Dark Sexuality

Published on November 23, 2005

By way of a gentle introduction I’d like to say this piece explores the assumed polarities of vanilla and dark sexuality, so it is inevitable that I embrace a metaphorical language of opposites. In doing so, I acknowledge one of the oldest ideas on the planet, the fundamental principle that the universe is the result […]


Published on November 22, 2005

Most people cannot truly understand what they haven’t experienced. The latest report from Amnesty International on Sexual Assault makes me sick to my stomach and demonstrates the desperate ignorance so many people dwell in.
Ten years ago I trained as a Victim Support Rape and Sexual Assault Counsellor. Victim Support is a voluntary service available to […]

Give the Dangerous Bitch Her Chocolate

Published on November 21, 2005

Yes, it’s that PMT time of the month again. Today I am at my most obnoxious with no apologies for it. My sense of humour is totally paralyzed. All my buttons punched. My emotions persecute me.
The art to being this obnoxious is not very subtle. And yes I know it’s stupid. First, you must provoke […]


Published on November 18, 2005

My intention was to place this response in my comments section but it became too big and so I am placing it here, as a post in it’s own right. I think this is best, as the subject warrants full follow up. Please forgive the disjointed style, as I say this was not originally intended […]

Love in the Gutter- The Vexed Desire for Consensual Rape

Published on November 16, 2005

This piece was inspired during some deliciously dark and intimate conversations with the Innocuous Male. I am so very grateful to him for allowing me the space within which to explore this fantasy, and for once again confirming that communication is the key to making such things real. On his blog, he shares his thoughts […]

Approaching Pristinity

Published on November 11, 2005

So many of you have written to me expressing your thoughts and feelings provoked by my cane kisses.
Generally you’ve been split according to whether you consider the picture to be beautiful or an example of intolerable pain. I have been tremendously touched by those who expressed the desire to caress rather than cane, soothe […]

Muse and Mentor

Published on November 10, 2005

These words are in dedication to the younger man. Typically not my taste at all, seeing in them only the promise of the man he will become. But one young man is different. He is my friend and loving witness to my evolution from crude to classy, confused to calm. He has above all, always […]

Extracted from Journal Musings

Published on November 6, 2005

This is always a slow time of year I find. In my home town from mid September until the end of October, there is a light show in the arboretum. The same park I would retreat to on the many days I played truant from school. I was much less aware then, driven from the […]