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25 Words

Published on March 29, 2006

When the cherry blossoms bloom, I shall rouse and breathe life back into this quiet place. Their charm, their beauty cleanse my eyes and heart.

Breathing Space

Published on March 11, 2006

“Ok, let me see if I got this straight:
in order to get grounded,
I’ve got to be crazy,
and I must be crazy to keep flying,
but if I ask to be grounded,
that means I’m not crazy anymore
and I have to keep flying?”
“You got it,
that’s Catch-22.”
Heller, Catch-22.
I’ve been carrying this post in my head for a while and […]

Elusive answers

Published on March 8, 2006

Someone asked me today what my experience of polyamory is. It’s no easy answer, not the least because such a way of living and loving has no rules, we forge and force the parameters as we go along. Paradigms of polyamory are fine and I read them with a hedonists hunger but there is always […]

How does it feel to be caned?

Published on March 4, 2006

I’ve changed the photo accompanying this post. I actually agree with sandie (in comments) and didn’t much like the original picture but thank you kochanie and roper for your words. This picture I think displays the 4 marks of the cane much better and while I have one photo showing all six strokes, it’s not […]

Shaved and smooth with nowhere to go

Published on March 3, 2006

My Lictor has cancelled, hysterically because he’s snowed in. In a voice thick with disappointment, he left three despondent voicemail messages within a 10 minute period by the end of which I was laughing. I’m sure that wasn’t his intention but his desperate apologies carried me from disheartened through cheery to my current state of […]