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The Secret Life of Stillness

Published on April 21, 2006

Some years ago I worked as an artist’s model. I’m aware of the erotic images that must stir but the reality is sadly a lot less romantic and uncomfortable. I posed for young students in an underprivileged area; truly they possessed little other than their creative desires and aspirations. I loved them for their lack […]

The Stranger

Published on April 11, 2006

On a whim I’d left the city for the country, the drive proving ample opportunity to shrug responsibility and settle into a less fretful energy. I relish traveling to unfamiliar places, where no one knows me and no one knows where I am; it’s like stepping off the ledge of real life and falling into […]

Primal Prayers

Published on April 6, 2006

The stakes are high for real prayer.
You must gamble for your self
and be willing to lose.
When you have done this,
and your self shakes off
what you believed your self to be,
then no prayer remains,
only a sparkle of the eyes.
Knower and known are one.
From The Secret Rose Garden by Sufi Poet Mahmud Shabistari, Thirteenth Century.
Head and heart […]

Flowers of Shame

Published on April 2, 2006

A soft wave of pleasure ripples through my body as the cherry blossoms gently froth into life. Small fountains of fragile flowers tease optimism from even the most jaded of hearts since none of us are quite able to shake the fleeting realisation these trees bestow. Life is ephemeral and while we may not indulge […]