Wants and Needs

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Steeped in eroticism and the soul’s longing for home, The Argentine Tango has been a powerful expression for all those who are looking for a sense of belonging. Belonging to someone, somewhere, something…

- The history of The Argentine Tango, from the BBC site linked below.

Why do I dance?
Why do you want to live?

I wanted Mark Ramprakash and Karen Hardy to win Strictly Come Dancing and they have. Strictly is my Saturday evening addiction and now it’s over for another year I am revisiting moments. Please follow this link, it’s the divine couple perfoming The Argentine Tango.

Remember, 12 weeks ago, this man had never danced in his life. Obsession and passion decipher mysteries as intangible as aroma, dusky kisses and promises reminding us of the fragility of life. I long for beauty and she visits in moments such as these, the music of her voice a tribute to raw craving. The tension in this dance is palpable, seizing and riding your need yet never gratifying it. Dance is about hunger.

You don’t dance, you are danced.
Maybe for that moment, you understand.
You belong to someone.

Merry Christmas my darlings.
May your needs remain barely within your touch, eternally tempting and seducing you.

10 Responses to “Wants and Needs”

  1. nina Says:

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    Merry Christmas my dear sweetest Lena!

    And may you always be danced and be so owned.

    all my love always,

  2. nina Says:

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    omg Lena! Complete, raw sexuality and sensuality! Mark and Karen are amazing! Thanks so much for sharing that! It’s so funny too! We’ve had “Dancing with the Stars” here in the US which is essentially the same show under a different name! :lol:

    Brava my sweet! Mmmwwaaahhh!


  3. Magdelena Says:

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    may I always dance and be so owned…I would die happy.

    Mark and Karen are pure passion unleashed, and I still cry at the end.

    kisses and love my beautiful friend,

    Lena xxx

  4. Dielo Says:

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    Yes, Merry Christmas you sexpot.

  5. Kyma Says:

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    I watched part of the final last night, most memorably the 40/40 they scored for their Salsa and you see the utter enjoyment on Mark and Karen’s faces.

    I’ve just watched that YouTube clip, and once I recognised the music as being from GoldenEye, I just knew it’d be intense. That dance was one step beyond, it was epic!

    I wish I had joined the dance society when I was at university now. Dancing, the vertical expression of horizontal desire!

  6. Elizavetta Says:

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    Oh, my dear…. As you so often do, you have spoken straight to my Spanish heart! And so does the duende* which ‘dances’ this couple.

    Why do I dance?
    Why do you want to live?


    *All the arts are capable of duende, but where it naturally creates most space, as in music, dance and spoken poetry, the living flesh is needed to interpret them, since they have forms that are born and die, perpetually, and raise their contours above the precise present. - Garcia Lorca

  7. Pebon Says:

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    Wow. That’s all I can say.

    Merry Christmas, darling Lena!

  8. N Says:

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    Merry Christmas Dearest…

  9. Pandora Says:

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    Oh dearest Lena, I do hope the holidays have treated you well. I too become embraced by dance, succumbed to it’s movements and it’s beuty. it beats thru my blood. i understand it’s breath.

  10. His toy Says:

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    i should have expected, as i crawled over to take in your newest post, that you would delight my mind and senses. How could anyone not feel the ripple of passion that flows with:
    “You don’t dance, you are danced.
    Maybe for that moment, you understand.
    You belong to someone.”

    It’s gorgeous. Just like you.

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