Nocturnal Butterflies

nocturnal butterfly

In the depth of winter I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer. - Camus

The butterfly is a potent image and metaphor for submissive women, capturing beautifully the transformation and promise of D/s passions. Butterflies are adorable, pretty and enchanting. Who doesn’t love butterflies?

Little flying creatures used to unnerve me; extracted from Redolence - The Aroma of Desire:

The last two days have been very warm and wasps have roused from their slumber. As I write this in my garden, my thoughts are momentarily swayed by the cutting antiseptic citrus odour of the citronella oil I’m burning to keep these vicious little beasts at bay.

As an aside, the way to deal with these creatures is to not run from or necessarily ignore them but to approach them in the spirit of ‘wasp tai chi’. Very, very slowly raise an open hand and move it towards them and away from you. They seem to interpret this as a wall of sorts and will fly away following the direction you describe. This controlled action is how I overcame my fear of wasps.

I also used to fear moths, until I discovered that they were only butterflies whose wings never saw the sun. As a creature of the night I identified with these dusky beauties. Their mystery inspired reverence and gently, I began to sense their visits were fragile blessings.

A butterfly alights and people coo over her pretty ornamentation. Her dark sister breathes in the shadows and waits. You have to feel fascination to seek her out, her allure is less obvious and yet she’s as fragile, maybe more so for the weight of assumption she must bear.

Sometimes I am overcome by a deep sadness that I am not a butterfly, it must be exquisite to be truly beautiful. My charm lies in the small hours. I am noctilucent - I shine by night, and cherish that for the enigmas it suggests and conceals. Leave the overt behind, come into my world. Strike a match, arch a protective hand around the flame lest in my captivation the fire consumes me.

Know the cocoon for what it is. Within these soft walls my metamorphosis is almost complete. I stir and graze fingertips along the protective enclosure. Soon my darlings, soon…

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  1. orchidea Says:

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    My cats catch butterflies. It seems so wrong to delight in watching them, still and silent except for the ripples of excitement coursing through them from whisker to the tip of their tails. Under the buddleia in summer they stalk these fragile beauties and when they make a kill, I turn away, thrilled yet repulsed.

  2. Kyma Says:

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    You seemed blessed in that you appear to find your final form so soon, to find what your purpose is. All this whilst the rest of the world spend their whole lives searching for what they should be and what they should do. To come into the night, to seek out its mysteries, such a wondrous world it can be at times. It is truly a different world than that lit by the Sun.

  3. Beau Says:

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    I wish you such transformations in this New Year to come dear Lena.

    Anything is possible.

    B xxxx

  4. nina Says:

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    And what a beautiful metamorphosis it is…

    Happy New Year my beautiful soul sister.


  5. orchidea Says:

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    Re the wasp tai chi… M talks to them, points the way out of the door or window and they… obey. :)

  6. alwaysarousedgirl Says:

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    I adore that Camus quote. I hope you have your eyes on your invincible summer at all times.

    Happy new year, Lena

  7. M:e Says:

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    What a beautifully written piece….it made me hold my breath lest I disturb the natural and almost spiritual process of change I sense here.

    I began my own personal metamorphasis some six months ago. It is still ongoing….at times I want to get to where I know I will end up SOOOO fast…at others I simply revel in the change process…each moment is glorious and teaches us so much.

    May this year bring many bright blessings on you and those you love sweet Lena


  8. Pandora Says:

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    oh sweet Lena, once again you tuck away into your cocoon. I will be here waiting to help you dry your wings.

  9. His toy Says:

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    But love, you ARE a butterfly of the most rare and colorful sort!! For what are butterflies but soaring beautiful dreams that inspire? …adjectives that also encompass the essence of you, your writing, and your soul.

    Much love to you,
    DL’s toy

  10. Ice_Princess Says:

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    Happy New Year my sister…I have put together a post for you. It is the top post right now, please visit it and comment abundantly. Also, I sent you an email introducing a friend of mine that wants to comment here, I hope you got it and have had an email exchange or something.

    Namaste :)

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